Assessment Reources & Technologies, Inc. is the leading consulting firm for property asssessment soluations worldwide. locatedin the New York City, A.R.T, Inc. has successfully managed countless building, homes and commercial real estate for environmental hazards since its inception. 
Assessment Resources & Technologies, Inc. (ART) is a privately held company, founded in 1988 as an independent environmental consultanting firm. A.R.T. provides comprehensive environmental consulting, engineering and management services. A.R.T. has diverse resources and is able to neet a wide range of enviromental consulting needs, from assessment, design and engineering through over-sight and final closure.
A.R.T. has the experience that can help you bear the burden that has been placed on property owners, lenders and potential owners of the real estate. we research the environmental hazards as a first step on evaluating a property's environmental status. we then provide a complete program for remediating any issues and insure the safety and health of everyone on the permises. 
  1. Third Party Air Monitoring
    We test for various types of asbestos from: Roofing, sliding, Interior Plaster and Floor Tiles.
  2. Mold
    Mold is very dangerous and can cause respiratory problems, especially with asthmatic and or respiratory issues. There are many types of mold that can cause serious Illness.
  3. Lead Paint
    Lead paint poses a danger to young children and the Elderly, and should be thoroughly and safely abated.